Sunday, September 12, 2010

My camera has returned!! I am so happy, and it looks brand spankin' new. They even replaced the rubber hand grip that fell off in March. Now, when I look through the eyepiece, I don't see pieces of things- like lint- and maybe bug parts. Anyway, I took it to the horse show yesterday at Lynnleigh Farm. And I was brave! I experimented with my manual settings, mostly on the S setting, to sped up my shutter speed. I think I like this new-fangled way of taking pictures! Here are some of the results:

We started off with warm-ups at 7:00 am, before the sun came up. This is what I got with no flash. Kind of dark, but at least Rocko looks happy.
The best jumping picture of the day- I'm glad Shannon is steering, because Rocko is jumping with his eyes closed again.
Rocko loves Lynnleigh because he gets to eat grass all day long. Or dig dirt holes under trees.Turning heads. I'm sure those people on the bench are thinking that Rocko is too gi-normous for his Little Mother.
My favorite picture of the day. Happy girl, horse looking for food:

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