Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Bobsledding?

Mmmm... What to do on Labor Day. Ride bobsleds, of course! Everyone, except Lindsey, who had to work, who we missed very much and wished she were with us, next time fer sher, went to the Olympic Spots Park in Park City to ride the rides.We started with the Ultra Zipline:Then moved on to the Xtreme Zipline:The Quicksilver Alpine Slide was next:And after lunch we fulfilled one of Bruce's dreams, to ride the Olympic 4-man bobsled. It was crazy fast- 69 mph, very bumpy, but such a rush! Brian's big cabeza slowed down the kid's bobsled, but we all made it down in one piece. The menfolk even got to push off some of the sleds!Today I really missed my camera. Update: they promise it will be ready on Wednesday!!


  1. And you really believe the nerds???

  2. Brian told me about using his head to steer the bobsled