Sunday, July 18, 2010

You Ate WHAT?

My youngest, Peter, is on a church mission on the south island of New Zealand. He's having a great time and we're really glad he's there, even though we miss him like crazy. You wouldn't think that NZ would be a place where people ate strange and exotic foods. Wrong! He works with lots of people of island descent, and apparently their food palate is a bit more broad than mine. In this week's letter, Peter explained to us in great detail how he ate horse, then suggested that we fatten Rocko up so that when he gets home, he can cook Rocko up in coconut cream. Are you kidding? Here's Peter, eating said horse:He's also eaten dog and pig brain. I hope he's not expecting anything that crazy for dinner when he gets home...


  1. Did he mention if it was good? I couldn't imagine it myself, but some cultures will eat just about anything to stay alive, can't blame them, I like life.
    Good to hear he's having some experiences. :)

  2. Puts those green veggies in a whole different light huh B?

  3. I am not so sure about this, if it at least looked like a steak, not something strangely shredded. Watch out for "Mad Horse disease" he could randomly start neighing and bucking at the most inappropriate moments!