Saturday, July 24, 2010

For the last few days, I've been here:
Yeah, it's pretty amazing. I was there with my mom, my sisters, my niece and perfect Ollie.
No TV, no phone, no cell phone service, no Demands of the World. Just quiet and pine trees. All of the necessities, including hot water, plugs and a gourmet kitchen.

The hummingbirds entertained us with their WWII, flying-ace aerial acrobatics.
Not as many chipmunks were out this time, but maybe Ollie had something to do with that. I did get a shot of this little guy, though.We ate like queens, talked for hours, took nature walk with our cameras and probably set Ollie back several weeks in his training by spoiling him rotten. But he is SUCH a good puppy! We also made crafts. I barely finished my stitching in time...It was downright cold at night, which made for perfect sleeping- I sleep like a baby at the cabin. I definitely didn't want to leave, but if I'm a good girl and don't tease my sister too much, then maybe I'll be invited back! Thanks, C, for letting us come!

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  1. Oh, it was so fun!!! I'm already looking forward to next year.