Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Perfect Puppy

Yesterday, I mentioned Ollie, my sister's new puppy. He is honestly the perfect puppy with perfect manners. Tell him to sit on the mat by the door and he stays. He doesn't jump on people, dig in the garbage or try to steal food. He just does what he's told, like a good dog. He IS in the chewy stage, and loves his chewy bones, or pieces of wood, or bed posts, or carpet, or BABY BIRDS:
Yes, these 3 baby birds decided that last Thursday would be a good day to become grown ups and leave their nest. They chose poorly, considering that a black lab puppy, training to be a retriever, was on the property. To the trauma of all, none survived the day.But, we still love Ollie. He is an active pup, and difficult to take a decent picture of because he's always on the move. Most of the pictures I took of him look like this- kind of blurry:If Ollie ever needs a different home, I can think of at least 4 of us who would take him, gladly!