Saturday, May 16, 2009

Time For Me To Take A Deep Mom-Breath

We've been in San Diego for the last few days, visiting California Western Law School where Oldest Son will be going in August. I guess if he goes to school there, then he and his wife-to-be have to live there too. I hadn't really thought of the reality of that until we all got there and stated to look for a place for them to live. It's kind of scary to think of them off on their own. To their credit, they are both excited to move to the Big City and become my Out-Of-Staters. I'm excited for them too, but I wish they weren't so FAR. At least San Diego is an awesome city, with perfect weather and beaches and a temple! Such a nice place for us to drop in for a quick visit!!

The law school is right downtown, looming above a freeway, about 3 blocks from Balboa Park and about 6 blocks from the harbor where the cruise ships dock:

The main building was built in 1929 and has been used for an Elk's Lodge, a Masonic Temple and a DMV. They have a 5 story law library to the west:And administrative offices across the street:OS thought it was a pretty great. They gave him his ready-made schedule for the Fall Semester. Apartment hunting went well. We found that it was a matter of choosing convenience or lifestyle. Apartments with in a few blocks of the law school cost the same as apartments out in the beautiful suburbs. In the end, they chose to live in Mission Valley. Their apartment complex is next to a trolley (electric light rail) station which will take OS to within 3 blocks of the law school in about 30 minutes.

They will be able to walk to the grocery store and the mall, and Qualcom Stadium, (where the Chargers play), is about a quarter mile away. The stake center is a 5 minute drive down the road and it's about 20 minutes to the San Diego Temple. All in all, it should be a nice experience for them, but I'm going to MISS them! I need to take a deep mom-breath, right Big Sis?

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  1. Definitely....a very deep breath....and then some more. It's a really hard transition.