Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Horse Whiperer

There is a lady named Roxanne who comes to the barn occasionally to communicate with the horses. Now, I can be a huge skeptic when it comes to things like this, but she's been spot on about things she'd never know otherwise. Yesterday, she and a film crew came to the barn to film a reality show pilot. Rocko and I were lucky enough to be put on the list of horses and owners she would talk to on camera. We all had to sign waivers, and the film crew went to work. Crazy thing was, although a lot of what Roxanne told owners was about their riding, some was about the owner's personal relationships. Lollie was supposed to consider that change she was thinking about and Taylor was supposed to dump her boyfriend because her horse didn't like him. There was a gut-wrenching interview with Joy, her rebellious daughter, Chelsey, and their horse. Chelsey had some trouble with drugs last year and spent some time at a rehab unit. After she got home, she lost interest in riding. So, the first thing the horse wanted to know was why Chelsey wasn't riding her anymore. There were a lot of tears shed during their interview. Rocko and I were pretty far down the list and by the time they got to us, the big filming was over. But, here are a few things he had to say:

-Sometimes he knocks over jumps.
-He's had a falling out with his former friend, Squeegie.
-His shoulder is stiff.
-He likes being groomed.
-Everyone loves him.
-He doesn't like to be braided.
-He thinks I'm worried about what I'm going to wear when I ride him at the next show. (Who looks good in spandex pants?!)
Yes, I'm planning on riding him at the next show in June. Not in a jumping class, but in a flat class where we just walk, trot and canter. Apparently he knows I'll be riding him because he told Roxanne that he doesn't think we'll do very well. Thanks a lot, big guy.
Here's a pic of Roxanne and Taylor:
I would call what Roxanne has a Gift of the Spirit.

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  1. Hey...you're going to rock the Spandex pants...and I want photos. :)