Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Snoopy And His Pirate

At the latest Polo Field show, Shannon found herself in the harrowing position of convincing Snoopy that he really did need to step up his game and not be so lazy.
 Without her coat and wearing her (our) white shirt, I think she looks like a pirate!
 Snoopy decided to cooperate, without the added whip and spur weapons.
 We spent a lot of time trying to stay hydrated under the summer sun.
 Shannon had her shadbelly time too- placing 5th in her class, which included the younger riders and their very pricey horses. We won the same ribbon in our Classics!
Snoopy has caught sight of me here- he's looking at me with one ear and listening to Shannon with the other.
Another successful show!


  1. I can hear the Pirates of the Caribbean theme in my head now, which is fortunate, because before that the "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang song was stuck there. THANK YOU!