Monday, August 11, 2014

A Crop And Spurs?

Our latest show was back at the Polo Fields in South Jordan, on the grass. Snoopy decided he was too tired to show, so I had a battle on my hands.
 We have to go fast enough to get the correct number of strides between jumps, and well...Snoopy just wasn't feeling it, no matter how nicely, (or not), I asked.
 This is unusual for us because Snoopy likes to be speedy at horse shows and it's normal for me to feel like I'm being run away with. The solution: carry a threatening riding crop and borrow some spurs. I have never worn spurs. I really don't know how to use them, so I think I just tickled him a bit. I guess I'll have to practice with them at home. Poor Snoopy.
 I got to wear the shadbelly again- I feel pretty fancy when I wear it.
 We came in 5th in the Classic- not bad for a lazy pony day. :)
 (Thank you, Shannon, for documenting my day!)