Friday, March 21, 2014

The Fruit Stand

When I say "the fruit stand," what I really mean is The Fruit Stand. As in, Produce Heaven.
 Like, everything there might have been grown within a mile of The Fruit Stand, it was that fresh.
And BIG. Bigger than produce has a right to be. And CHEAP! Because there was so much of it. They were practically giving it away.
And PERFECT. What is my local store trying to do, poison me?? I need perfect fruit and vegetables!
Sure, we didn't recognize everything we saw.

We might have gone into a Fruit Stand Frenzy. We might have embarrassed ourselves in our enthusiasm. But really, it was not a moment for control.
Next thing we knew, we were wheeling baskets-full out to the truck. There was a squished avocado on the ground and we all felt bad. That night we had tacos with giant green onions, garlic from Gilroy, fresh guacamole, (avocados 7 for $1.00!), and sliced blood oranges.
Kumquat, anyone?


  1.'s just a little startling!

  2. 7 for a dollar? was everything that cheap? I hope you tried something exotic too!