Saturday, March 15, 2014


 As I mentioned before, we rode a train in California. A steam train, to be exact, and it was one of the most fun things we've done! Brian, Lindsey and Peter had seen it one one their adventures and knew that we'd all have to give it a try. The train was built in the 1880's to haul wood out of the mountains near Santa Cruz. There are forests of redwoods and Douglas Fir trees, which are now protected in a state park. Any-who, now tourists can ride the Roaring Camp Railroad up and down the mountain.
While we were waiting for the train to arrive, I found some neat old historic things to take pictures of. As you can see, the theme for the day was RUST.
 I found a pile of rusting train and sawmill parts. That was cool.
 This one was my favorite:
 Then the train whistle started to blow and I made it back in time to see the train being backed up to the old water tower. There is nothing cooler than hearing a steam train horn!
 I think our train engineer was really a leprechaun.
 So much fun!!

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  1. Really cool detail shots! It looks like it was a really fun ride!