Monday, November 16, 2009

Gotta Love Arizona!

I tagged along with Bruce on a business trip to Scottsdale for a few days last week. We stayed in our friend's home, which was beautiful and right on a golf course:
It had it's own little mini pool and hot tub:True to Bruce's adventuring nature, we drove out to a dam in the mountains:
And got to enjoy many different kinds of cactus:We checked out to uber-hip Hotel Valley Ho:And ate dinner at Trader Vics:On Saturday I went to Westworld where Shannon and Sophie competed in a show when Shannon was a senior. There was another show going on, and I wished Shannon and Rocko had been there- they would have cleaned up!

I'm sure missing that 80 degree weather right now!

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  1. Hot, sweaty, bake your brains....they can have it!