Thursday, May 22, 2014

Feel The Burn

 Shannon also rode Snoopy at the Lynnleigh Farm horse show. Since they can't tell me that I can't take pictures of my own child, I had fun snapping away!

How cute is this? He'd rather die that let his feet touch that jump.
 We have to warm up in a solitary upper riding ring at Lynnleigh. All horses think it's scary up there. You can't see it, but there is a mangy cat on the path in front of Snoopy. It just added to the scariness that lurked up there. He had to decompress after warming up.
 I liked this shot of the scary warm up ring...
 Finally, we escape! Hopefully the many cat stays away from now on.
 Shannon likes to intimidate the other riders with her brute strength.
 Learning the course of jumps from maps posted on the back of that sign...
 And away we go!
 Getting tips from our trainer before the more technical round...
 ....which got complicated by Shannon losing one of her stirrups over the first jump.
Feel the burn, Shannon, feel the burn.

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  1. Scary, mangy cats can be so very scary. When we took our carriage ride in Victoria, the horse got spooked when a set of sprinklers came on.