Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Tie Is a Tie, Unless You Live At My House!

We are in the midst of mission packing here! When it came time to pack ties, several of Peter's beloved ties made it into the suitcase. Ties are a big deal at my house. Certain requirements must be met if a tie will pass muster.

1) It must be made of thick, upholstery-like fabric. This will help to make a massive knot and it will help the tie to pass the "Does it stand sideways by itself" test, as demonstrated at Shannon's wedding:
2) The tie fabric must be unique. Eye-catching, if you will. The best place to find these ties is at Savers or the DI. A certain vintage flair is most desirable.
These days, missionaries watch 3 training videos online before entering the MTC. After watching these videos, Peter quietly switched out the most rakish group of ties for a more sedate collection. We'll see if I get a request for those fabulous ties in a week or so...


  1. I especially like the blue one with white stripes in the second to last picture.

  2. Oh! I love those ties especially the "Pride of England" and Kentucky

  3. ROFL....Who knew there was such a process to choosing just the right tie??

  4. He's leaving Kentucky at home =O....I say Christmas or even his birthday we send it to him!

  5. He will with out a doubt be wanting the fav's when he gets settled in!